Ethypharm - About us - Responsibility

A commitment to the communities we serve

Beyond our medecines, lives

We make the difference for patients’ lives

The risks and damage induced by substance dependency and pain are a real societal issue for both individuals and third parties.
In its contribution to the well-being of society and to sustainable development, Ethypharm’s responsibility is to take into consideration the pathologies and the lives of patients in a global (societal, social, economic) context of safety and comfort.

We grow responsibly

Our employees are at the heart of Ethypharm’s success and help ensure its sustainability. Promoting their good physical and mental health, as well as their safety and well-being at work, is an absolute priority. Supported by a dynamic and multicultural Group, Ethypharm considers this diversity as an opportunity for enriching professional development.

We also work closely with external stakeholders to set up programs that are in line with their expectations as well as consistent with our challenges of providing access to healthcare and preserving the environment.

Logo DSF
We have an active Group strategic partnership with the NGO “Douleurs Sans Frontières”
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We participate in many activites to support the local communities where we are present
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We take part in more and more local environmental initiatives

We build a sound & sustainable company

Based on ethical values and sustainability, Ethypharm listens to its stakeholders and communities.
Acting in compliance with regulations, with integrity, transparency, diligence and respect on a daily basis is a fundamental value of Ethypharm to which each of its employees is committed. This commitment perpetuates the trust and recognition of our partners and patients with regard to our company and our products. It also contributes to the protection of each of us as employees or individuals, as well as to Ethypharm’s reputation and interests.

Download here our Code of Ethics and Good Conduct
Download here our Group Quality Policy