A growing product offering for CNS disorders

Central nervous system (CNS) diseases and conditions affect millions of people globally, from newborns to the elderly. Building on a strong knowledge in the therapeutic areas of pain and addiction, Ethypharm is expanding its product portfolio in CNS to better serve the needs of patients and health care providers.

We go beyond traditional pain management

Chronic pain is a major public health challenge in the 21st century. The most severe forms of pain are often treated with opioids, but these products have to be prescribed carefully due to their potential addictive profile.

Ethypharm contributes knowledge and information on the latest and best practices regarding the use of opioids. Our aim is to ensure safe and appropriate access to our pain medicines.


Ethypharm CNS

Helping reduce the risks and damage caused by addiction

Addictions often affect not only the patient, but also their families and friends. Substance dependency is a challenging issue in many countries around the world.
Ethypharm is a leader in the treatment of opioid addiction in France and the United Kingdom and has built close collaborations with leading healthcare organisations and specialist professionals, in the care of opioid dependent individuals. Our range of products includes formulations of the three most prescribed molecules in opioid dependency treatment: methadone and buprenorphine for opioid substitution therapy, and naloxone for opioid overdose reversal.