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A solid presence in Europe and Asia through our own Group Companies

We also have a global presence with more than 100 partners
and distributors around the world

Our strength in developing and marketing drugs used for treating pain, addiction and critical care, makes us a trustworthy company to gain access to affordable medicines to patients around the world.



France – United Kingdom – Germany

We have commercial operations in France and the United Kingdom where we are recognised as a key provider of Medicines used for treating pain, addiction, critical care and oncology to patients.

In the UK we are particularly strong in providing hospitals with our range of critical care and speciality products as well as cooperating with the clinical commissioning groups to help deliver affordable medicines to the patients.

We have operations in Germany developing our presence through the tendering system.

North America

United States – Canada

Ethypharm USA, based in Philadelphia, provides local support and services to our partners in the US.  Key products marketed via our partners include:  Buprenorphine Sublingual Tablets and Fenofibrate Tablets.

Ethypharm Canada, based in Montreal, carries out both direct and partnered sales for complex generics and speciality pharmaceutical products. The main product marketed in Canada is M-ESLON®, our Morphine Sulphate brand.

Africa & Middle East


We have a commercial office in Dubai. We are focused on the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) territory, a market of 48 million people with a forecast high growth in healthcare spend. We have an established Scientific Office in Saudi Arabia and have obtained regulatory approvals for several key products.



Ethypharm has a historical presence in China, covering a total of 31 provincial regions.

We also market our products across Asia trough over 40 business partners.


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